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In the sauce

I was just curious what’s with Razon’s that a lot of people came in and out of this resto, I thought I wouldn’t know what’s the buzz all about unless I get involved and try myself, so I brought and paid dinner for the whole gang.

Our young foodie patiently waiting for the ‘fresh lumpia’

I was really surprised to see their ‘fresh lumpia’ sauce sodden, the sauce defeats the whole lumpia thing, I didn’t finish it, I was cloying sick …

I love saucy ‘Kaldereta’ so it was a hit for me, though the puto goes perfectly well with ‘dinuguan’ having it with ‘kaldereta’ also made a yummy pair.

Razon’s is located at Gaisano Mall, Cinema Walk, Davao City.

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Crappy Coffee

It was one gloomy afternoon, I was heading to a bank at Palma Gil St., here in Davao when all of a sudden it poured like crazy, I was unprepared I thought of two options – to run all soaked and soggy to the bank or get inside this corner cafe and think of what’ll happen next. My impulses chose the later. There was no one at the counter so I waited a bit, then a lady came out from the curtain and asked me what I want, I ordered for a cup of cappuccino.

I waited like a damp chick at the corner feeling the atmosphere; it’s kinda neat but lonely;

Then my cappuccino came, I was hoping the froth can warm me up – sadly it was damp as the situation outside … glad the rain has stopped, I handed the bill and walked out feeling ‘I won’t come back again’.

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Of weddings and reception

Weddings are celebration a reason why it is often followed with a feast to treat the well-wishers with overflowing wine and sumptous food, but through time receptions has been so structured that guests and well-wishers do nothing but sit and eat. Oh well, I’ve been onto it lately.

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Mandarin Tea Garden’s Congee

Taking a break from the usual rice, main course and side dishes for dinner, often I see myself eating congee at Mandarin Tea Garden – I find it a lighter option. This Chinese resto by the way are all over Davao City, your choice of convenience.

Though I’m way behind, I’m joining today’s Project 366 Photo Challenge which was hosted last month by Dhemz, I wasn’t able to join, was so anxious I’ll not be able to return the favor, but since I’ve unloaded some of my writing jobs at school, I can probably make it this month, I hope so.

This month’s Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge will be hosted by Mommy Ruby.

Halo-Halo Congee

Bola-Bola | Butchi

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